Crowdwaves was inspired by the belief that entrepreneurship is not just a trend, it’s not an era, and it’s not bound to a certain group of individuals. Entrepreneurship has throughout time stimulated societal innovation and growth. We believe entrepreneurs have the power to catalyze real social change by creating unique employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. The unemployment rate for individuals with developmental disabilities soars over 60%, and historically these workers have received less pay than their neurotypical colleagues. For many jobs, you cannot forcefully retrofit one’s unique skill set and abilities into a job position. At Crowdwaves, we believe that start-ups and small businesses have the power to build opportunities that utilize individual talents for people with developmental disabilities, thereby creating mutually beneficial employment.


Our Team


sam1Sam Burns is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is pursuing degrees in Economics and Bioengineering.

Posted on July 31, 2014 By crowdwaves